Do You Black Athletes Have the Power to Protect American Interests? Probably.

i am reading Mark Twains biography and came across an interesting thought he had when he watched his first football game in the late 1890s. He said, “The country is safe when it’s young men show such pluck and determination as are here in evidence today.” He was saying that their physical abilities had something to do with the defense of our country.

Well, since his time, athletes have gotten stronger, faster, better, and more professionalized. Our technology to broadcast their physical abilities has gotten more intimate. Other countries reception to our American media has improved greatly, in turn. Those countries can see the physical power that our rich athletes hold, and, in turn, those other countries might be a little scared of us because of it.

Many people on 9Gag say that Americas best defense is showing how crazy we can get. But, I think it’s more than that. We show other countries that we have a lot of people who can move very heavy weights, hold their own in a fight, and coordinate their physical abilities as a part of a team effort. 

Successful American sports teams are like mini troops of Genghis Kahn. They can learn to fight and achieve their goals through raw discipline and power. How hard is it to transfer sports skills to the battlefield? It’s like sports is just another medium to keep young people fit enough to fight on a battlefield.

Paying the professional athletes high sums of money is more than just the entertainment. It’s about demonstrating to other countries that they shouldn’t mess with America because we can send these gritty athletes after them and kill them if we have to. We have done it before with other famous athletes.

Remember Mahamed Ali. He went to jail for refusing to fight in a war. He was just the kind of soldier we needed for the time, and he got punished severely for refusing. The government wants to control the athletes for when they may be needed most, such as a time of war. But in the mean time, we can broadcast to the world that they probably shouldn’t mess with these powerful workhorses, as they can unleash their fury on the battlefield as they do on the sports field.


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