Thorns burrowed in my feet are causing increasing pain when I walk

Last year, I embedded about 5 different blackberry thorns into my feet at various times. It has been uncomfortable to step on my feet since then, but bearable. But lately, these past couple of weeks, I am experiencing more burning sensations in the areas of my feet where the thorns are stuck. I definitely hurts to step on the thorn areas.

I am clueless on how to get them out now as much as I was clueless how to get them out when they first inserted. They are hard to reach areas of my feet on the outside bottom of the feet. It’s not like I got thorns in my hands, which would be easy to reach and try to cut out. These thorns embedded in spots that have been causing long-term chronic issues.

It almost feels as though the thorns keep getting pushed back further into the tissue and hitting a nerve, which causes the burning issue. I develop extra skin over the site of impaction, and get a little relief when I scrap away that extra skin, but it doesn’t reveal the thorns.

The reason I know they are thorns is because the close association to me walking through blackberry bushes and subsequently getting thorns to fall inside of my shoes, tumbling around until they line up just perfectly to start getting embedded. I caught quite a few of them mid-stepping to stop some from completely embedding in my feet, but I couldn’t stop them all and now suffer the results.

Blackberries are notorious for grabbing clothes and causing scratches, but I never expected them to be so effective at embedding thorns into my feet. This makes blackberry picking a real challenge. You can get thorns to fall into your shoes even when you do your best to avoid walking through heavy thickets.

The Pacific Northwest has a lot of edible blackberries that are much larger than the Wisconsin varieties. They are delicious and I ate a lot of them last fall to help supplement my food stamps. But, now I learned that the thorns are a huge hazard in the gathering of these berries.

Are these thorns going to cause worse problems? Because I need to keep walking, I keep pushing the thorns back further into my feet. Sometime I forget about the thorns, step in a different way and the pain will remind me again of the thorns stuck in my feet. This is a real problem that has disrupted my quality of life.


4 thoughts on “Thorns burrowed in my feet are causing increasing pain when I walk

  1. Thank you for documenting it. I have had the same thing happen to me. I will be seeing a podiatrist about getting it out or not. If it stays, it stays, I just want to know what the harm, if any, is with keeping a thorn in your foot.

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