I watched an old man take my bread and I got very angry about it

The Canby Center in Oregon doesn’t want to be known as a food bank, they prefer to be called a harvest center, because they do things a little different. For example, they put food out in front for anyone to grab at will. They put food out once a week. I was there at the time they put out things, which can range from rotten bananas to moldy bread. I grabbed a few things that I could cut the spoiled parts off.

The next morning, with my food stamps renewed to $195, I walked to the Safeway. The Canby Center is on the route, so I stopped there to see if any food was left over still. Not much, but there was a loaf of bread that had a higher fiber to sugar ratio that I liked. Since I didn’t want to bring the bread into the store with me, I decided to come back for it.

When I got to the Safeway, I decided to purchase some cold chicken with the intent of making chicken sandwiches with the bread. After I purchased the item, I walked back toward the Canby Center to see an old man (in his 60s) pull his truck up next to the food shelves and then reached in to take my bread. I grew furious watching this action unfold as I approached. I tried to rip my bag in two from my rage. I made sure that he actually took my bread and then I walked quietly away.

I’m so happy for you old man in finding that bread. I hope you enjoy every morsel of it. Savor every bite of your bread as I intended to come back for it and you beat me to it. You got very lucky in finding that bread by getting there a minute before I could at about 7:30am. The early old dogie can find his bread. Luck came for him because he knew to get there early in the morning and I didn’t think that would happen.

I have to compete against poor baby boomers for bread at the food banks. Luckily, I am still a civilized human being and know to bide my time. I wasn’t exactly hungry and felt pretty comfortable in that I had other reserves to turn to if needed.

Also, I blame the Canby Center for setting up their system in this way. It feels more competitive for food when they leave it out like that. Finders keepers and every man, woman and child for themselves. Only the volunteers get the finest choices of rotten food in Canby, Oregon. 

Every food bank runs their donation site differently. It could depend on the kind of food, kind of people or kind of location. I don’t know.


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