Does our sense of humor darken as we age? It’s a natural course

we start out so innocent and focusing on just figuring out our bodily functions. Everything starts with discovery and talking about how we feel about learning new things and misunderstanding many others. But then we start noticing many patterns occur in our discoveries that cause us to ask different questions, ones to help stave off the boredom from the things we already know.

Our minds certainly change over time, and this isn’t always due to our American drugs. If you look at Chinese Face Reading they talk about how every decade we live, we need to embrace new challenges and abandon many old ideals. Our faces change, our bodies change, our attitudes change, our humors change. 

A lot of older people want to feel like a kid again. I think most of us look for a fountain of youth. We seem to get more desperate for that youth as we get older too. Nothing seems to work to stave off our aging. But, we can practice humility and learn to accept our aging. Things get worse after middle age and it changes our perspective.

While playing World of Warcraft, I talked to a 16 year old boy in Guild Chat. I didn’t know he was 16 when he said that sex only gets better as he gets older with his girlfriend. I countered and said that it gets worse, but that is my perspective as an older person. I actually forgot that things do get physically better for the young people. Their perspectives seem to be more positive.

I have forgotten a lot of those feelings from my youth. I have to accept that I will never feel like a kid again. I’m just not amused by the same things that they are. I’ve seen many patterns now and a lot of youthful humor doesn’t appeal to me. I think my humor has grown darker because I forget what it’s like to be a kid.


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