Do you think you can hide your sugar or alcohol addiction? No, people can tell.

one of the  easiest ways to tell if someone is suffering from a sugar addiction is to just look at them. Are they fat? If so, then they obviously have a sugar addiction. Of course there are different levels of obesity to consider. But, simply put, the fatter someone is, then the weaker their will is bent on their star addiction.

Some sugar addicts have a greater indulgence than others. I once had a gf who would hide candy from me because she knew I would throw it away. She was more committed to her sugar addictions than a rewarding and loving relationship. She got more pleasure from her sugar extracts and it did show on her body too. The addiction cannot be hidden completely.

Sugar goes hand in hand with alcohol in that they are the same chemical. The only difference is in fermentation. The alcohol can lead to obesity too, but it’s more likely to cause some other problems that are more visible, like drunkeness. A fat person is more likely to drink a lot of alcohol too, so you will have a close association between the diseases.

I find it amazing how little that sugar regulated, but alcohol is. Just because alcohol causes immediate effects, people want to effectively regulate it for the short term response. But the long term problem with sugar addicts can weigh heavily on healthcare too. The evidence is clearly visible in all the obese people too.

If we are to continue amusing ourselves with “fat acceptance” then we are forgiving the harmful addictions to sugar. This nation is sick from sugar addiction and it’s showing on our bodies and in the healthcare costs. Yet, people want to focus on the Fitbit to save lives or something. Exercising an unhealthy overweight body leads to more injuries. The fatter the addict gets, the slower and gently they have to move to avoid suffering s heart attack.

How healthy are you? Just look in the mirror to find out. It’s too bad most people don’t recognize that they are fat. This is a delusion that alcoholics also suffer. They perceive themselves as to be healthier than they actually are. Maybe the obese people need more of an intervention similar to alcoholics. It’s too bad people are not ready to stage interventions for obese people yet. I guess the nation has to continue to get worse as a result.


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