Do any Females Use Indian Clubs? Most likely not.

i have seen that females embraced the kettle bells. There are plenty of videos to watch girls work out with them. In fact, kettle bells are sold in Walmarts as low as 2 lbs and come with foam and any color you like. You can sure bet that because women accepted kettle bells as valuable gym equipment that they became popular. 

I remember, with kettle bells, in 1980s, that only male Russian weightlifters used heavy kettle bells. It took over 20 years for the kettle bells to be sold at 2lbs in Walmart. What needed to happen to make that transition for kettle bells? How did they create such a demand that now they can be profitable in discount stores? There must have been some marketing magic at work.

I question whether indian can recieve the same favor. All I see on YouTube though, are males monkeying around with these odd weights. You never see women using them or, at least, I haven’t. If some progressive sexy women started using Indian clubs in their workouts and talked about great they are for general exercise, I bet there could be a large following. 

It will take a charismatic sexy girl to bring the Indian club into the main stream media. They were able to manage bringing in the kettle bell. Now, after sales have slumped, they can tell all the ladies to put aside those kettle bells and pick up the Indian Clubs. But it takes the right kind of influential women to make this happen.

Right now, the Indian clubs are limited to male use. And as much as males like them, the females don’t see any use for them, which is unfortunate. It really goes to show to popularity of a product when women fail to accept them as well.


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