Canby, Oregon library throttles the upload/download speeds. It’s as fast as McDonalds

It takes a long time for me to upload a video on YouTube, enough so where I just give up. So, in effect, I stop recording things in Canby. The best I can do is use the mirror recording on YouTube that records like your talking to a mirror. But you need wifi signal while recording the mirror option. 

Also, I can take pics and put on Instagram. I just don’t care that much about pics, because they seem lacking. 

Why does Canby library throttle their internet? It could be because it’s a free charity service by the local provider. It’s up to Telmark? Or whatever the business is called. It’s not the worst limitations I have seen placed on a free internet service. 

The worst library Internet service I have seen so far is in Astoria where they physically unplug the wifi when the library is closed. Even on Sunday all day, they don’t care, they leave it all unplugged and only plug it back in when they are open. They don’t like people mulling around their building at any hour that it’s closed. But if you look at the building, it’s hard to tell why they don’t want Internet users hanging around the building.

Here is Canbys speed test:



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