The Canby Center is not a Food Bank, it’s a Harvest Center #Oregon

It’s not always easy being new in town. When I got here, I found a lot of things were not functioning as I expected. For example, the Internet just barely puts out a signal at the library -when it does work. Another problem is with the food bank system.

I typed “food bank canby” into Google search and got 3 places. I went to the Canby Alliance Church first since they are on the top of the search results. When I got there, they said they offer food every 3rd Saturday of the month, but allowed me to look at their food choices on the Monday I showed up. I left with nothing. Everything they had was with added sugar. So, they were not much help.

Then I went to the Canby Center, which is open at 11am and talked to a lady at the desk. I asked where their food bank is and she said that its open on Tues from 11 to 2pm. I even made sure that I heard her right by using a pen and paper to write the times down in front of her and confirming the times.

The next day I show up at the Canby Center at 11 and was told that I’m just in time for the Harvest Center. I said that I was there for the food bank but was told there is no food bank here, just a harvest center. Then the lady starts telling me how the volunteers travel around and collect rotten food from the grocery stores. I didn’t understand how it wasn’t a food bank and pressed her for more information.

They were bringing food outside the building and piling it into bins for anyone to take while we talked. It took a few minutes of talking and asking the same question again and again until she said that they open early at 9am to distribute food. Apparently I was given the wrong time for food distribution, but I arrived just in time for the scraps of the scraps. She kept insisting she was not running a food bank, but a harvest center instead.

I think they are changing the language a little bit to deter strangers, not from around the area, from taking food excessively. Maybe you have to use more secret words that get you inside the loop.


2 thoughts on “The Canby Center is not a Food Bank, it’s a Harvest Center #Oregon

  1. I don’t wannu get in yer face or anything but knowing you over a little space of time & fr things you disclose abt your fam of origen + your sister’s posts I think you’ve been brutalized & abused significant part of your life & it’s made your reactions to ppl & situations a bit more confrontational than need be. Ken kesey, author of ‘one flew over the coo-coos nest wrote; ‘tjose who are hostile live in a hostile world, if you are loving you tend to live in a loving world.’

    • I need confrontation to fuel exercise though. If I was calm, then I would never exercise. The family I came from thrives on confrontation. I don’t think it should be anything to be ashamed of or work on. In these peaceful times, confrontation may not seem necessary, but in times of war, it is needed.

      I like to think I’m doing pretty good at managing my abrasiveness, if I am my own self critic. I take my anger out on myself and tire my muscles out and that feeling of release from doing something physical is what I crave.

      I suggest using that anger and applying it to constructive exercise.

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