Here I sit with another pain in my gut and I figured out why

I have a bad history with green tea. I know it has hurt my gut in the past. Yet, I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking free green tea from the food bank. I only used one packet, but suddenly, I’m noticing uncomfortable pains in my stomach again. These cannot be phantom pains that appear out of nowhere. Pains happen for a reason, and if you can’t explain them clearly enough, you haven’t found the actual reason.

I really need to write green tea completely out of my life. I’m sick of these gut pains. It feels like Cancer. I now have to completely empty my water bottle, remove the tea bag, and then refill it. It’s such work to perform because of my repeated mistake. If I continue to drink the tea, I know the pain can get worse. Green tea is just hard on my gut.

It’s so much work to empty and refill my water bottle, that I contemplated drinking more out of it for sheer laziness. But the pleasure of drinking it now with my sloth behavior will lead to more gut problems later. I think laziness brings Cancer on a little faster than usual. Some people know what’s killing them, like cigarettes, but find the lifestyle too convenient to give up. The suffer through the pain of it all regardless of the deadly consequences as the pain gets worse.

I must put an end to my pain and dump this tainted water. I would love to dump it on the street, but I don’t want people to see the puddle next to my car. I think dumping water on the dry street looks too suspicious. I have to walk over to the local park and take care of this bottle. Mistakes as a homeless person can be so laborous sometimes.


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