To Breed Higher THC or To Extract More THC, that is the question. I have the answer.

I think this breeding mindset is very out of touch with nature and the knowledge of the common users. The growers seem to be trying to achieve higher THC in two ways now, 1. by way of growing the marijuana and, after harvesting it, 2. through the extraction techniques. By default, the extraction techniques will always be the better way to achieve higher concentrations in a single dose. unfortunately, no one wants to talk about the alchemy involved because it doesn’t sound quite as natural -and it isn’t.

People are much more likely to die from using the THC extractions than they are from natural breeding programs. It’s like comparing the slave-trading programs of the 1800s to steroid use of today. The black people were bred to be stronger slaves and developed healthier bodies as a result. But the steroid abusers tended to quickly develop health problems because their bodies were not genetically designed to get too big and strong.

The major law that should be passed for marijuana is keeping the extraction chemicals out of it. The breeding programs are perfectly fine and healthy. But the chemicals that people experiment with to achieve different concentrations and highs is beyond reasonable. I don’t want to compare black slavery to that point because it’s wrong. Perhaps, compare it to the farm animals instead and their breeding programs.

It’s cute to see these breeders demonstrating their willingness to breed other strains that they find better. It’s horrid that they may, in turn, extract the THC using solvents that can be consumed by the user -and most likely has been. What is the government doing about these harmful extraction techniques in America? Well, let’s just say that we are no where near Germany. They have labeled vitamins as drugs, which is a step in the right direction.


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