Performing Farmers Walk Injured my other Hip Now. How do I get this exercise right?

This time it’s the other hip that hurts when I walk. I injured my right hip a few years ago and gave up the farmers walk due to pain. It took a couple years and then the hip got better, with no pain. Then, I decided to start farmers walking again and injure my left hip, this time the pain came a little sooner.

I got pain even while sitting down. It feels like something is strained and tight. I’m a little frustrated by the pain, but this time, I’m not surprised by it. I know why it happened and I think I know the cure, which is less farmers walking, for example.

When I did the farmers walk movement, I largely walked with the weight in only one hand at a time. So, over 95% of my walking consisted of the weight being on either side of my body -not in front or rear. I have to wonder what would have happen if I carried the weight in front of me more.

I believe that carrying 15 pounds on my sides led to a different style of walking. I think that the weight changed my steps. I had to step differently to overcompensate for all that weight on one side of my body. Even though I switched the weight from side to side, over time and distance, my changed gait may have caught up with me.

I used to walk for long periods of time on the treadmill with a 45 lb weight. The advantage of using the gym equipment was that I carried the weight more often in front of me and less at my sides.

So, in conclusion, I think I need to change how I carry that weight bag, with having it more in front of me, otherwise I need to quit using it so frequently.


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