Night Cops act more like Prison Guards than Day Cops

i just walked by a police car that pulled up behind a car parked on the road next to the park. He harassed them by mentioning an adult curfew in the park at 10pm. I couldn’t help but think how much a city can feel like a prison. People are corralled back into their homes by the police at night in every city.

The prison wardens are the mayor or city council. They make up the rules for the city under the illusion of fairness. Those with the bigger yards don’t concern themselves with activities in the city parks as much. So, the poor people end up getting cattle prodded around at night more. 

I see that a lot of people get shot in the US. I have to wonder if the shootings happen more in the daytime or nighttime. From what I notice, I think people may get shot in the night time more. We may see more videos of people getting shot in the daytime, but that is because the shooting will be more visible. What are the actual statistics for time of day?


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