Keep it local shopping is not a business strategy. It’s a lifeline for a failed business

How many suckers do they think they fool with this failed campaign? As a business, if you have to rely on mind-controlling your customers to only shop locally, then you have a failed business model. You want to shame and blame the customers for your failing business by reminding us to keep it local. I think that is pathetic.

how long have these “keep it local” shopping signs been used? Did the Internet cause more local businesses to encourage local shopping? Was it the Walmartization effect? It certainly started somewhere in the 1950s when people realized that they could shop outside of local areas.

Perhaps the booming mail order businesses affected the local markets. I believe the mail ordering goes back as far as the late 1800s, in the US at least. There were the spice trades that started long before that where people could order from long distances. However, many of the items sold in history were impossible to find locally anyway.

Instead of wasting time and money on your dumb “keep it local” campaigns, try learning more about the new social media. There are better ways to get a customers attention than shame them into shopping locally.


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