A Homeless Mans Favorite Pee Jug can be a Milk Container

But it’s not just one of those common milk containers you find in most grocery stores. Those styles are a little too narrow of a hole and accidents can be more likely to occur. So, the common milk container is not my favorite to use, even though they can be used in a pinch. I am not referring to any of the glass or cardboard containers either. They tend not to be very large and can quickly get overwhelmed from a full bladder.

My favorite has been the style that I bought from a Walmart in Port Angeles, WA. For some reason, that is the only area you can purchase this unique milk container.

I have kept the milk/pee container in my car for over a year. It has been filled and emptied many times. Sometimes I can simply empty it as I sit in my car. Other times I needed to carry it in my bag to a discrete location to empty its contents. It all depends on the people activity in the area and how comfortable I feel about witnesses. Also, a few other factors have to do with weather and access to a bathroom or secure pee spot.

It’s not a glamorous thing to have to use a piss container. But, our ancestors did have to perform some unholy things themselves to remove bodily excretions. I try not to make a mess of it, or at least create a targeted artistic mess. For example, if it is raining out, I have no problems with peeing in my car and then dumping the contents immediately onto the pavement. It’s already wet anyway and the rain can wash it all away. I would never dump pee on a dry pavement, although many people do.

I try to rinse out my piss container when I get good access to a bathroom. It needs to be cleaned often as it can smell bad, especially if I left piss stewing in the container for a couple days. I feel a certain anxietyabout ridding myself of the piss as soon as I can, but sometimes I can forget about it, which pisses me off.

I try to keep my piss container hidden so no one person or cop can see it when they peer through my windows. But I also want easy enough access to it when I need to go. It’s no fun fumbling for it when you are about to burst your bladder.


One thought on “A Homeless Mans Favorite Pee Jug can be a Milk Container

  1. Show my your shit jug!….or is that your underpants! Ha Ha!

    I hope you accidentally mistake your piss jug for milk – that would be so fucking funny!

    You itchy anus, direct diaper sons a bitch!

    Thank You

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