Canby, Oregon is secluded from many cultural influences

The river practically cuts Canby off from Portland. The internet at the library only works half the time. The city is split in half by train tracks. Much of the traffic just passes through on 99E, which is the main shopping road. Canby is in it’s own little small-town world.

Even when the library internet does work, it’s very slow anyway. People have seemed to stop complaining about the internet at the library too. The librarians just say that it how it works and there’s nothing they can do about it. I was referred to a computer expert and he said that operating systems affect our internet use. I couldn’t tell him how wrong he was. It was embarrassing.

I haven’t seen too much of Canby. I think I would like to see more, but I am going to have to deal with slow internet that cuts out. Having no internet really slows things down for me.I was expecting to do a lot of things on the internet to get my blood going, but now I feel more sleepy and tired.

What else can I do in a library that has no internet and all these books? I guess I can take a peak at some books. Perhaps I can see what I can steal from the Friends of the Library section. I really don’t want to pile anymore books in my car. I probably have 7 unfinished books in there already. Although, I am almost done with Mark Twains biography. I suppose I could like up 2 more books and discard his book swiftly. That could be an even trade.

In all this Canby sun, I was able to park in full shade all day. That has been great. I parked on the south side of Break Park, next to the bathrooms. Lots of shade there from the trees. In fact, their park has the best shade trees I ever seen. It’s like the whole park is covered in shade, which is great.

Without a reliable internet in Canby, I can feel a little like a kid again, living in the 90s. I had to find other ways to amuse myself without the knowledge of the internet.


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