Why are so few people an inspiration for fitness? Because not many people get it

As far as i can tell, only 15% of population will have a gym membership. Then, on top of that, just a smaller portion of them will actually look very fit. It’s a rare sight to see someone in good physical shape in the US. Why is that? Because we are a nation addicted to white sugar extract consumption. As long as the drug companies can continue to add white cocaine to cereals, then our addictions will keep us from getting in good shape.

I think that sugar should be treated like we treat cocaine. Train drug dogs, and sweep factories for any sign of production. Sugar extracts should be illegal and people who manufacture it should be put to death. It has caused enough diabetic complications in people to be a political concern. Instead more people are worried about gay marriage and smoking weed.

People who are addicted to sugar extracts have a harder time building muscle. They end up getting more tired and growing fatter. It takes a lot of will power to overcome sugar addiction. To be able to avoid the white sugar, you have to ignore at least 80% of the foods in grocery stores. This is very hard to do, especially when you walk in hungry and want something quick to eat.

Be afraid of sugar but not carbohydrates. There is a clear difference between the two that many people say there isn’t.


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