Anthropology is a Study used to Control other Cultures. The British Empire invented it

Britain started pouring money into the discipline of Anthropology as they increased the span of their kingdom. They need to learn how other cultures operated so that they could insert their own control into the region. Anthropology was not developed as an entirely unbiased and noble scientific study. However, Wikipedia doesn’t even acknowledge the troubled past of Anthropology. Instead, Wikipedia will pin the blame on rogue scientists who acted under the auspices of “Anthropology”. This is unfortunate as it is a means to control our perception of the whole scope of Anthropology as a whole.

The reason I bring this issue up is because I just read the excerpt from the “History of the Sciences”, 1959 and they mentioned the British birthing of the scientific discipline. Here is the quote, “On the practical side anthropology was used for the understanding and control of colonial peoples, particularly from the 1880’s when investment in the imperial possessions quickened.”

I took a college class on Anthropology and never once suspected that it had such a history. The class I took covered history of what anthropology studied, going as far back as the cave people, but it never turned the focus on itself and studied its own history of how anthropology really came to be. Perhaps, the anthropologists choose to ignore the shady past of their discipline to make themselves feel more astute. This is like the Norwegians trying to ignore their Viking past and claim that they are much more civilized now. We still have that history as being a part of us, no matter how much the future generations seemed to have changed.

So, it’s time to question everything, because we may not realize that even our smallest habits could be the result of something that was a great controversy, like brushing teeth. I don’t think a brush is all that necessary, especially with toothpaste either. The act of scraping seems to do a great job:


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