Starvation is Easier to Manage with no added Sugar in the Diet

I find that sugar extracts make me crave food in unnatural ways. Because of that, in the past, I have feared starvation for long periods of time. But, as my knowledge about the harmful effects of sugar become more well-known, plus my crippling poverty have both taught me some necessary lessons about starvation.

You don’t have to become bulimic to face starvation. I don’t fully understand how they can motivate themselves to not eat with easy access to food and sometimes die. They have some serious body image issues. I will eat when I can, but I am limited because I make no money. I have to rely entirely on Food Stamps and Food Banks.

I can’t cook, nor refrigerate foods, so my choices are limited to room temperature types of foods. I need to chose the best options for my limited abilities. I used to take any and all Food Bank foods, but I hated how my gut started to feel extra soft. I felt rolls on my gut fold over and it made me feel gunky and uncomfortable. I guess I understand a bulimic in that respect.

Whenever I chose the high sugar-added foods, I found that I couldn’t stop eating them until they were all done and I felt sick to my stomach. I was battling an addiction to stop overeating processed sugar extracts and I lost every time. It got me mad, so I choose to reject foods before they reach my car as best I can. I still slip up, but not as badly as before.

You want to consume foods that don’t stimulate the appetite. Sugar extracts are the worst substance that stimulates appetite. It’s much better to consume foods that suppress the appetite, although that can be hard to do. Usually, the best appetite suppressors are bland food. I may go through periods of starvation, but that is still with food in my car. However, the food is so bland that I eat it very slowly.

The smart experts say that a bland diet is best to consume and I completely agree with them. I know it’s tough, but you just need the right kind of motivation to live with a bland diet. Having crippling poverty is the best motivation that I know for being smarter about what I put in my mouth. I feel that anyone can do it too.

We all have to suffer in different ways. Poor people suffer. Rich people suffer. But there are smarter things to suffer with over other things. excess consumption, to me feels worse than under consumption. Although, my weight has been relatively stable, I guess a little suffering can be better for the long-term especially when it comes to weight gain.

The first major instance I had to starve was last year when I ran out of Food Stamps money and had 2 weeks to go. I was struggling for the first couple days, but then the starving got easier. It was the summer time, and it’s easier to starve in hot weather than cold.


2 thoughts on “Starvation is Easier to Manage with no added Sugar in the Diet

    • Been getting a lot of beans from the food banks lately and my farts send a reverberation to my anus to help in assisting with any itchiness. Although, my farting increases my risk for a poop to slip out too. I hate using my fingers to scratch my anus. Singing about it instead helps sometimes.

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