Inventions that reduce 2-handed work to one-handed work

As I was trying to read a book in one hand while holding my bag in another, I couldn’t help but think how great it was to read from an E-Reader instead. I love the convenience of the one-handed operation. It was nice that the Rice Lake, WI library could lend these wonderful devices out. But, unfortunately I have not been able to use one since. That was about 2 years ago.

But my desires for the one-handed operation got me to thinking about how many inventions have improved our efficiency. Just look at the automobile. It went from having a steering wheel that only a man could turn (without power steering) to driverless cars. Reducing our needs for hands can free us up for other things, which tend to be more desirable.

Computers took many hands just to carry from one place to the next and now we can just talk to our wrist as we eat a bagel and hold a cup of coffee. To have the ability for free hands to do other things can subsequently give us more free time.

What other operations do we require 2 hands for, but could reduce to one hand in the future? It’s like a one-handed revolution.


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