Do Single Family Homes Encourage Families to Stay Together? Clearly Not

It’s amazing how architects design homes to encourage certain kinds of behavior, yet still get the opposite effect. After all these Levitowns and Prairie homes, we still have over a 50% divorce rate between couples, with more people choosing to cohabit instead. With the cohabitating option, the other lover can leave freely without any attachments.

Not even the architectural designers themselves could keep their family life together under the Nuclear Family ideals. Take Frank Lloyd Wright for example. He was building single family homes for other people and still was a womanizer who cheated on his wife with several other women, as well as fathering more kids. What did he know about the best design for couples? Apparently not enough, but he may have pleased people more with his agreeable personality and willingness to listen.

I walked around a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house here in Oregon Gardens, Silverton, Oregon:

To know the background of these designers lives can be helpful in understanding their perspectives towards their own work. Ofcourse, opinions change over time and Wright was said to have abandoned his prairie homes designs, probably because of his love for other women besides his own wife.

The reason I write this is because of this news article:


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