Banning Farm Animals from the Cities Started the Dogs vs Cats Wars

Many young people may believe that dogs vs cats has been going on for centuries. It may feel natural to have these kinds of debates. But, we have to take a step back from our existence in this moment in time and realize we live a lot differently from people 100 years ago. Our ancestors used to have a wider interaction with other important animals as well, both domesticated and wild. Just look at how much people are altering the breeds of dogs because they are not satisfied with them:

Clearly banning other animals from the cities may not have been the best solution for the long term. The nation-wide bans in each city has opened up crazy breeding and feuds between 2 different groups of people. It’s all getting out of hand too. Many people are associating their pets with human qualities all the time and I thought The Dog Whisperer could help clear up the misconceptions. He did for me at least. I understand the dog psychology much better thanks to him, but many people want to outright reject his scientific basis. It’s nuts.

I notice a lot of pics showing up on 9Gag showing a preference for even larger dogs and cats with more stubby, deformed legs. People are taking these 2 species to such an extreme, much more than the city councils anticipated back when they banned farm animals from their cities.

It’s too bad that we have to concentrate the debates between these 2 species. The breeding practices are extreme. Did you know that some people microwave seeds to create different orchids? One fanatic puts his seeds in the microwave for just a few seconds to slightly alter its DNA. I believe there are people experimenting with this in places as well. I’m sure the activities are very low-key but certainly being done.

Look at the fame of “Grumpy Cat” he’s a million dollar sensation. I actually saw pictures of grumpy cats face in a hospital in Ocean Shores, WA. Many people want to have a freak cat like that which can make them millions as well. They will stop at nothing to get that “prize money.”

Let’s end these freakish behaviors by loosening up the regulations against farm animals in the city. Bring chickens back, and goats and all the others. They can’t possibly leave more poop around town than the dogs do.


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