Cops will Lie and Charge You Money to Find Out the Truth. What a Scam

When this cop approached my car and initiated an altercation, I asked him if I got any complaints. He said that something with a shed happened a few weeks ago, so they are checking everybody out. I asked him if I could look at this report and see what exactly happened. He said that to get a report, it would cost me money. But, he also sounded like he wasn’t sure if this incident with the shed was actually reported though. He said a lot of times the information gets passed from officer to officer.

Ever hear of the telephone game? This cop was playing it with me and my freedom to sit in a church parking lot at 4am. He was passing along information that was not officially recorded, but from other officers. No one can verify that there was any incident with a shed, but it sounds believable enough, so they go with it:

I have heard time and time again how I haven’t generated any complaints for them to approach me. They just initiate the contact and make up a lie about how there was some kind of undocumented crime that happened in the past for the area.How am I supposed to trust these guys who engage in this frequent use of deceit to harass other people.

His other concern was that I am suspicious because the time was 4am and I was sitting in my car. You see, there are specific times that are more suspicious than others. What if I was sitting in my car at 4pm in the church parking lot? What level of suspicious behavior would I be at? It seems to me that if the time of the day is the determiner of suspicious activity, then that opens up a lot of other reasons to be suspicious about other people.


2 thoughts on “Cops will Lie and Charge You Money to Find Out the Truth. What a Scam

  1. Quit acting like a fool with your pants on the ground! You can’t go on private property and do whatever you want to do. Can’t you get that through your fucking head? You sure are a dumbass! I hope the cops keep bothering you because I laugh my ass off about it!

    Haha Nigga!

    Thank You

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