Self-Defense Courses Were Never as Important as they are in these Modern Times

I watched another video on 9Gag (they used to be gif form until about November 2014). Here’s link:

I can’t help but think about how the early pioneer hunters never needed to learn self-defense skills from other humans. Everyone already carried a gun anyway and most people didn’t try to shoot each other in cold blood. Many times they would challenge each other to honor duels and make it clear of their intentions that they wanted a fair fight.

The last president Andrew Jackson served with a bullet embedded in his chest from a duel in the early 1800s. His best defense was luck and also killing the opponent with a more accurate shot.

These days, people may be getting a little more desperate amongst each other. It’s not so easy to just kill an animal for food and leather whenever you want to. There was a time where humans had to work together more to overcome the dangerous elements of nature instead of the cold human nature.

I guess self-defense courses can help a person become more confident in their ability to fend off an attack. But I feel confident in myself already. I have good physical strength from exercise and I also look very poor. I think that those two in combination can show that I am not worth attacking. You will get little gain for a lot of pain.

But what about the rich people? They are the ones who need to learn self-defense more than the other classes. I suppose they will need to shell out a little more money for protection. Some people accumulate enough money to the point where they can’t protect it all themselves. Just look at what the government does to get your money:

Here is the best way that I can defend myself against cops:


One thought on “Self-Defense Courses Were Never as Important as they are in these Modern Times

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    Thank You

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