All Whole Foods are Anti Diabetic. They don’t need to advertise it

alot of people are crazy and look for labels that say anti diabetic, or weight loss, or heart healthy, or whatever. That is just a marketing scheme that many of us young people have come to expect. We believe that foods require literature these days making praises about how it is so healthy. The advertisements have gotten very effective too, because more people are eating processed foods than ever.

Effective Marketing Campaign:

Step 1. Just show how hard it is to grow your own food

Step 2. Then show how easy it is to buy the processed foods

Step 3. add addictive extracts, like sugar.

And many people are hooked for life until they die of diabetic complications at age 35.

There are ingredient labels and sales words on boxes and packages because the product is indistinguishable. When the food is processed, we can’t tell what is in it anymore and need to read what has been put in it.

Imagine if the advertisement words were small font and the ingredient list were the bigger words. People would become more self conscious of what has been put in the product.

When you see the label that says “More Protein”, is that convincing enough for you to buy it because it has the word protein? I hope not, because that bold statement doesn’t really say much about what is going on with the processed art. You need to see how many grams are actually in the product and where the protein is also coming from as well.

It’s a good thing that these food manufacturers are regulated a little bit. At least they can’t say their food will save you from a heart attack and will mend broken bones faster. They can’t talk about how their foods will give you longer life. Although, these crafty marketers will push the issue as our language changes. They are probably loving the word #YOLO to convince kids to eat more processed crap. The human population is pretty high, so junk food killing people early may not be so bad.

The Internet has brought us a lot of words and pictures. As we get dumber from eating more processed foods, we can, at least feel smarter with being able to learn how and why we are killing ourselves. More kids are able to navigate the Internet than their own backyard now. Take them to a garden and many will be clueless what plant is which and how you even care for it. Playing FarmVille is much more fun than actually growing a real garden.


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