Cities will Over-employ Cops for their Political Agendas

i notice that some cities seem to over employ cops while other cities will underemploy cops. I base that knowLedge on how often I will get harrassed in a city. There are some cities that lack a major police presence, which can be surprising . While, on the other hand, some cities police force is ravenous.

When a city over-employs cops, which tends to happen in virtually all the coastal cities, the cops are on high alert like they are looking for terrorist bums on the beach. The cops check every car out and make a full profile of the occupants. They ask more questions and give warnings about getting a fine for sleeping in your car.

I had a cop in Seaside, Oregon tell me that since my car windows looked a little fogged up, I was suspicious. He asked me directly if I was sleeping in my car. They are much more concerned about people sleeping in cars on the coast. This isn’t because the city only cops who love to harrass the public. The city had decided at some point to run everybody out who can’t afford a home or hotel to sleep in. The coastal city has enough tax dollars to cover extra harrassment against vagrants.

Other cities are much more gentle, such as Aberdeen, WA. I was surprised that not a single cop stopped to talk at me. They could clearly see that I was sleeping in my car, but they didn’t say a word about it. The night cops allowed me to sleep peacefully through the night. I wasn’t treated like a fool. So, the city decided to relax on the homeless policies in Aberdeen, which is nice.

When I was in South Bend, WA, they said it was quite alright to sleep in my car. Their city ordinance allowed it. I only had one cop harrass me a little bit, but quickly went on his way. Of course, South Bend is kind of a depressing town to be in anyway. Something about the design of it really limits your mobility for some reason. Although, they did put in a nice effort to make a bicycle trail to Raymond.

Cops are either aggressive or gentle to the citizens by design. The Police Chief just follows orders from the politicians. When they are told to increase harrassment, the cops know what to do. There are certain things to follow through with in their procedure manual to respond to elevated harrassment or reduce the harassment. 

For example, a cop can simply drive by your car and not do anything, when their policies are gentle. Or, they can stop at all cars and check the insides and harrass any occupants inside the cars. They can also go further by giving warnings about the legalities of falling asleep in your car. It all depends on the politics being run in the city.

The citizens make up the politics. If there will be people who like to call cops to complain a lot, plus are willing to pay the extra money to employ the cops, the politicians listen to that. Those callers with money are also voters. They elect increased police enforcements. Some cities will have a higher ratio of people willing to pay for more police presence. I believe the people more willing to pay money are retirees with money.


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