The People in Astoria, Oregon Probably have the Healthiest Hips in the US

I suffered hip pain off and on for a few years. It seemed to develop from a lot of flat ground walking, while carrying my 15 pounds of rocks. I found that I needed to rest more often to let the pain subside. It always came into my left hip side and grew worse as I walked.

I tried walking on my tippy toes like a barefoot caveman would do. I thought that worked a little bit at the time, but it certainly wasn’t the best solution. I also focused on bodyweight squats, because I didn’t have a gym membership. I found it hard to stay motivated to squat, and also it’s difficult to squat in public when we are living in a time of “fat acceptance”. People would rather scorn me for exercising in public, and for that I feel very ashamed about performing the exercises.

So squatting helps a little bit more than barefoot walking, but it still was not enough. I know that I wrote about how squatting fixed my painful (and it did), but that was before I went to Astoria, Oregon and tried to walk around the city.

I never got so much valuable exercise in my life, while in Astoria. Every block had it’s own challenging hill to climb. Also, with the pretty homes all over I enjoyed my walk and looked around the area a lot. I had to mostly abandon my bicycle (this was before it got stolen in Seaside, Oregon) because the hills were too steep.It was fun to walk around and think about the Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. They chose excellent movie scene areas in Astoria.

The rewards of walking up and down a mountain are the best way to fix the hip. Not even stair walking helps as much as a steep hill. I think it has a lot to do with how your foot is angled while stepping. The stairs are just an extension of the flat ground and don’t target your hips effectively enough to fix them. You really need that natural hill or mountain to climb up to really engage the hip and align it properly.

I left Astoria, thanking that city for fixing my hip. I thought it was just going to gradually get worse with time, but the city gave me a renewed sense of hope for my hips. I have to treasure my hips, as weirdly as it sounds, they get me to where I need to go.

I’ve talked with people who got hip replacement surgery. This sounds awful and I don’t want to suffer a similar fate. I think a lot of hip problems will most likely develop from a regional and landscape development. The flat ground walking hurt my hips. Since I am human and not too much different from other humans, this is why I believe that my experiences are going to run similar to others.

I don’t have and medical data to prove my case, although, I would love to access some. This is just a theory for now.


2 thoughts on “The People in Astoria, Oregon Probably have the Healthiest Hips in the US

  1. I had a verified case of bursitis in my hips. Did some electric therapy, had some excercises prescribed but never performed by me. I had a crisis in a parking lot one time while walking to a restaurant w a dear friend. Oh the pain! We prayed together and I haven’t had a problem or pain since then. It’s been more than 15 yrs I think.

    • Yeah, some things just go away on their own when you do the right thing. I think that the Muslims are giving their digestion a good yoga stretch when they pray 5 times a day to Allah on their knees with their face to the ground. That is a position you hold to expel flatulence most effectively.

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