How Long Have the U-Locks for Bicycles Been Available? I don’t recall seeing them in the 1980s or even 1990s

Whenever I looked at bicycle locks as a kid, it seems like all I seen were the chain and cable wire versions. But I can’t remember specifically if this is true that they didn’t exist or if I just chose to ignore them on purpose. My perception has drastically changed about them now and I think they are much easier to use than a chain lock. I much prefer the U-lock for its ease of use.

Part of the reason that I got 4 bicycles stolen from me was because I hated the experience of locking my bicycle. It was such a hassle, even though most people might disagree. But, with the U-Lock, it’s a breeze. I don’t mind locking and unlocking my bicycle several times a day now. It doesn’t take so long to perform the process of locking using a U-Lock. What an amazing invention.


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