My Battle Tag ID is AcuMagnet#1101 not just AcuMagnet for Hearthstone

i wanted to take advantage of the quest, “watch and learn”


So I went to Twitch to look for Hearthstone players. When I saw their Battle ID names, I simply inputed them. Unfortunately, only their names are on display and not the hidden # or numbers. Then I looked at their information pages, which were mostly ads, but didn’t see anyone’s full Battle ID. They don’t even give out their emails. 

It’s very easy to add someone whom I just played because I can tap their name and add them. If I have to type in their name, then I need to know the hidden numbers they are assigned. The only way I found out my hidden numbers is by going to My account and looking at my profile. The numbers are randomly generated.

I was hoping that getting this Watch and Learn quest done easily. When I tried it before, I started adding everybody I played until I could watch someone. But for some reason no one was accepting my friend requests. Perhaps I was beating them too badly. I then lost a few games and added them as a sign of goodwill, but still I didn’t get any immediate adds.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that one person accepted my friend request, but by then I gave up on the quest. I don’t like to keep any friends on because it slows and crashes the game. I had almost 60 friends at one time and it was a struggle on an older touch pad. 
Add me if you want. I will keep you as a friend for a couple days and then drop you. I figure if you add me, it’s for the quest. That’s the only way I plan to use the friend option.

My email is another option, to add me as a friend as well.


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