Black people affected by cold weather in the north understand white people better

it works in the opposite view as well, where most of the white people in the south understand the black people. However, there are some factors that cause rifts in reality, such as income disparities. The wealthy white people can afford to pay for air conditioning which allows them to look at the climate factors with more contempt. Without being able to experience the daily natural climate, people become disassociated with their surroundings, particularly the culture.

Yes, in the slave driving days of the 1800s we perceive the slave owner to be closely tied with their slaves. Since it can be hard to judge their attitudes back then, we may misinterpret the history a little bit. But in the moments during particular climatic periods, some people appreciate certain conditions more than others. It’s sort of the difference between people who prefer long walks on the beach or sitting next to a fireplace.

Our races have distinct physical features that make us more adaptable to certain climates better than others. If you have lived your whole life in a warm sunny location, you will only think of snow as snow. But there are many different kinds of colds to experience. With all the different colds, white people tended to physically adapt to them for regions. Historically, if they lived in cold mountainous regions, they needed strong legs, or if they lived in frozen tundras, they needed to physically adapt to movement in that manner. 

Part of the reason that people developed distinct races was because there was a lack of mobility. People were limited mostly to foot traffic, so they couldn’t get very far outside of their climate zone and experience different events. But, today as travel is much easier to do for the middle class and up, they question the race factor more. Poor people still don’t have the luxury of traveling around and experiencing different climates. That is why there is still misunderstanding between the races.


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