Our Shopping Behaviors Show We Always Want Measured Doses Of Foods

That is what makes the shopping experience so frustrating for me. I am stuck with the predetermined amounts of food that are available. Many times I have to buy more than I actually want just to get a little. for example, if I want just a tablespoon of coffee grounds, I have to buy a large bag of it. 

We also have the option of paying extra to a server to measure our dosages. This costs the most money. A server will listen to our order and measure out the dosage. They are packaging the product right in front of us from their own bulk reserve and tacking on a service fee.

Whenever I shop, I frequently go to the bulk bins. I prefer to grab what I want. I don’t care for the measured amounts. It seems like a waste of packaging. Although, I have a tendency to buy things in smaller amounts, which can use up a lot of those plastic bags.

I have to wonder why we are limited to purchasing things in measured packaging. Is it a security issue? Do the sales people think we are stealing little extra bits of food when they aren’t looking? There are reason reasons why things are packaged up. But they aren’t always for the best reasons.

It seems that the stores that try to get into the bulk scoop businesses tend to fail. You don’t see many of them around, especially in smaller towns. Packaging of long shelf life, over processed foods pervade in the small towns. Maybe the smaller towns folks tend to grow their own food to supplement for variety? Although, when I walk through the small towns, I don’t see as much gardening activities as I would expect to occur. I think they are actually living off the prepackaged foods entirely.

Some people may have a hard time knowing what a healthy amount of food is. There have been problems, in the past, with people eating too much corn and giving themselves pellagra. This is an unfortunate disease that is preventable with knowledge. A measured package of corn coupled with other measures of food can help stave off pellagra.

I have to wonder if deer or lions worry about getting balanced diets. Or is the need to measure our food choices limited to farming? I’m sure we have all seen the pictures of deer that grew up around corn fields and suffered the effects of over consuming it. What if lions could only catch rabbits and that was it? What health problems could they encounter? Human hunters have tried to live off rabbits alone in the past and died of starvation because wild rabbits are too low in fat.

Is packaged food created out of fears? Do people fear they won’t know what a healthy amount is? I find myself limiting my intake of the amount of food to the size of the package. I will even try to eat a whole roasted chicken because that is the package. I assume it’s probably safe to eat all the chicken. It is the cheapest way to purchase precooked chicken, at least. Many times I would prefer to eat less, but a bigger package turns into a challenge for me when I perceive it to be healthy anyway. A chicken is a package size in itself, but it varies in weight.

It all comes down to learning about yourself as a human. What amounts feel right to eat? Generally it’s not what the prepackaged choices transcribe for us.


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