Kid-centric Shopping Ideals has led to Poor Shopping Behaviors

but it’s hard to blame the parents for allowing their kids so much power in the decision making. The marketers have been a great influence in mind controlling both the parents and kids into believing that kids should choose first. Kids know best right? Most likely not, especially since many will take off running into busy traffic with their parents chasing behind.

A parent wants their kids to be happy at the store. But it’s hard to compete against the pull of entertainment that influences a child’s desire. You will find many of these kids pouting up a firestorm of bad behavior when something they want is not given to them. It’s very shameful displays of irrational emotions. Yet, many parents still relent to the terrorism.

What does pouting teach a kid? Maybe they learn they can buy some time, at least with the act. It’s a learned behavior that can provide instant gratification. The squeaky wheel gets the grease mentality that works in the short term. But what about the long term? Kids can’t think that far ahead, especially since they haven’t lived long enough to look that far behind.

So, parents are at a loss of control with their children in this free democracy. Because of the free lasses faire approach to childhood influences, many more kids are given opportunities to make bad decisions in their purchasing power. I have seen elementary school children shop for groceries for themselves while on field trips. Their parents give the kids money to buy food under the age of 10. Unfortunately, the kids purchase nothing that is remotely healthy.

Who cares if kids are given iPhones? I don’t see the harm in it. The bigger problem is allowing the children to shop for groceries at a gas station, or giving them money to buy food at a restaurant. Who is going to stop the kids from making a bad purchase at that point? The store owner welcomes the business and won’t say a word. If a stranger intervenes, they could face legal issues. As long as children shopping for food remains unregulated, the unhealthy behaviors will continue.

The food manufacturers want the government to challenge their power. The food manufacturers get increasingly more sophisticated. But they aren’t going to turn their backs for one second to allow the government the upper hand. As long as big sugar daddy can remain in power over the decisions of families earning buying behavior, then children will also serve as the princess and princes of shopping power.

Many parents don’t seem to think their fat kids are unhealthy either. I guess when you compare one fat kid to the other fat kid, it gets harder to tell the difference. But the statistics seem to be showing other problems with buying sugar extracts and eating it over a lifetime. But it shouldn’t have to take so many fat lives getting cut short to realize that our sugar democracy is failing as a system.


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