Dreamt that I bought a tiger, locked it in basement and forgot about it

I realized while in my bedroom that I got a tiger, then as I was about to go check in the basement, I saw a weakened tiger limply crawling on its stomach down a hall. I peered at it through a door that had no door knob and closed only to a partial wall. I was sure that the door would not protect me from a tiger attack. I moved cautiously to not get its attention.

I am not sure why I would get a tiger, it was a dream after all. It just seemed like after receiving it, I quickly wanted to dispense with it. For a while, I was thinking that I released it into the woods. But I was feeling concerned for other people’s safety because I released the tiger in the woods. I didn’t want the responsibility for caring for the tiger as soon as I got it. It is a beautiful and majestic creature. As I was remembering what I actually did with the tiger, it finally dawned what happened. Something triggered my memory.

I was sitting in a room, and thought about all the construction going on in the house. I thought about how the construction workers might find a tiger in my basement and get killed by it if they opened the door. It didn’t want this creature to cause any harm to others because I put it there. Although, leaving the tiger in the basement is just as dangerous, but it seems more natural and that someone might have more of a fighting chance against the creature in the woods. People expect more dangerous creatures in the woods, but not in a basement.

I struggled to find a way to enjoy the tiger, but not own it. Locking the tiger in my basement to waste away to nothing probably wasn’t the best choice. In the end, after watching its weak body slither across the floor, I decided to kill it. But when I got its attention, it looked to have a ferocious look in its eyes. I got scared that it might still have enough strength left to make an effective attack on me as it approached me. Then I woke up.


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