The rage I feel every time I lose a game of Hearthstone is palpable

I find myself wanting to break a lot of things, particularly the device that I play on. I want to injure myself and others. It feels almost like a close friend died right next to me on the battlefield and I want instant revenge. The game is set up to be very cruel just like life, and I’m tempted to try and feel like more of a winner in other ways to soothe my aching ego.

I hate how this game makes me feel. I get the highs of winning and lows of defeat rather sporadically. I never felt so angry at a game before in my life. This isn’t exactly a game where I get bored of it and forget about it. I, instead, get enraged and want it to go away forever. It’s like the Flappybird craze where people were beating their heads against a wall for no good reason.

I never got emotionally attached to a sports team or game before. I had a hard time understanding why people got so upset watching their favorite local team. But I think the emotions that i feel while playing is elevated to the level of a crazed fan. I want to run out onto the streets to create mayhem and destruction just to get some stress relief from some these terrible losses in the game.

I was never introduced to this game by anyone. I just decided to try it out, and I’ve been hooked to it ever since. Apparently, at this time, it has 30 million players. I will never play everybody, so I will be able to get comfortable with any play style. I feel like I have to constantly change up my play style because everything I’ve tried has suffered significant losses.

If I didn’t feel that sense of hope that I could still get better cards, then I might actually quit. They are holding a carrot in front of 30 million donkeys and some donkeys are willing to pay money for those carrots. I’m not.

One of the biggest challenges of dealing with my loss rage is that I lose in the library where I have to be quiet. I would love to be able to scream, shout, jump around and throw my fists to relieve the anger that has built up inside of me. But I fear that will get me kicked out of the library, which is my only source for internet connection. I can’t let this stress build up though, it’s bad for the heart,.

I find myself running to some private bathrooms and using my Twerk Strap to exercise as strenously as possible. I also use my Loopy Elbow Limiter to tire out my muscles as well. i would rather be climbing or punching a tree instead, but I work with what I can. But I am not tiring my body out enough to deal with the stress. If I could afford a gym membership, I would be extremely tired after playing this game and then subsequently raging about how much it sucks. I bet there are some guys who might do that.

How else can someone manage the stress this game creates? Drugs?


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