Blizzard should make a Starcraft version of Hearthstone

Or they could incorporate some of the Starcraft themes like the Zerg or Protoss into Hearthstone. I don’t see how they could combine two different genres of games though. The Hearthstone game is very specific to World of Warcraft. They could create a whole new revenue stream for a Starcraft themed card game.

As we have seen the success of Hearthstone, you can be sure that other popular digital card games would surely be successful as well. Perhaps a Simpsons based fantasy card game could be developed that has more of a comical than cool approach. It’s not like Hearthstone will be popular forever. We will see the limits of the game show its signs of aging at some point. World of Warcraft has clearly grown old and tired with its game mechanics.

Does anyone know what Euchre and Billiards is? Those were two of the most popular games in the 1800s. Our interest in gaming has changed a lot over a few generations. The games themselves rise and fall with fans. Who knows what the future can bring besides the obvious guarantee of change.


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