People don’t die of Diabetes Complications, they Die from Sugar Addiction

i was sitting in the Keizer library playing on my computer when I overheard an older lady approach the librarian volunteer with some books to donate. She said that her roommate just died from diabetes complications and left some belongings behind. A few minutes of conversation passed between each other about the sensitive situation and it was revealed that the diabetic female died at age 35. That sounds a little too young to me to die from a health problem like that.

Like a lot of rock stars, the diabetics suffer the worst kinds of addictions that end their lives at young ages. They resolve that they never want to give up the addiction that is killing them and enjoy it as much as they can. Why not enjoy the sugar extracts? The government has kept a loose constraint on sugar in America since before slavery. It almost seems like sugar, at this point, should be a regular part of our diets. We have had several generations to adapt to the addictions.

But, how do people handle the famines when sugar production is forced to slow down. If our digestive systems become too used to the extracts, any rationing will become a health crisis. Fortunately, there can be no possible way for our bodies to adequately adapt to a drug over the long term. We may develop a tolerance for higher levels of sugars, but the damage is still being done. Only future generations can be born with larger buffers in response to sugar. It’s like the Africans creating sickle cell to fight malaria.

But where does the tolerance stop? Factory production of sugar has outpaced our demand for eating it and we already have a huge problem. India has to give their overproduction away, and they are probably relishing in the fact that they contribute to making unregulated America even fatter. The world leaders know what is going on with sugar extracts. But, it is a hilarious and fascinating disease to witness firsthand. Not enough people have the willpower to avoid eating sugar themselves.

Let me make the argument that sugar is the direct cause for 100% of the diabetes cases. Why is sugar closely linked to diabetes? Because liver processes sugar uniquely from any other Phytochemical that we consume. We have to look at how the substance is processed and see what excesses of the substance cause. Excessive consumption of sugar is very unique from any other molecule. 

So maybe you ask what does excess consumption of fat or protein cause? They are unique substances apart from sugar, in that it is much harder to to overdose on them.


2 thoughts on “People don’t die of Diabetes Complications, they Die from Sugar Addiction

  1. I was born into a kind of void. My fam on my moms side immagrated turn of 20th century. Strong catholics in the old country, had been rural ppl for generations. They did well as farmers in US till ww1 when they encountered shunning (bc being germans) fr their addopted community. Esp hurt by local catholic church bc they were stopped fr going. Implosion in the fam and depression took it’s toll. There was extream poverty. There was no there there. My mom was an early escapee. She had my sis out of wedlock in a home for unweds. My dad’s fam had an alcoholic for a father. He was violent. Both my parent fams had 8 children. Their mothers were exhausted. Both fams were alcoholic systems prone to filling the emotional/spiritual void w multiple complex addictions chief being alcohol. I came on the scene after WW2 not aware anything was wrong. The parents had compensated for their early dicouragement by being caretakers of property & cars. My dad had a good job as grounds keeper for a gov institution. He retired after 35 yrs faithful service. They had money. They weren’t alkies. I was an onely child. I felt loved and wanted till the age of five. I guess you could say my parents had a slight recovery when I was born. They gave me a good start dispite theit own dysfuntion. But as I got older I felt the freeze fr the rest of the fam. I grew up in a void. My way of coping was I became an artist. I rode my bike around our victorian town & enjoyed the archetecture. I taught myself the skill of making clothes. I remember going down town every week to look into fabric stores to see if there was anything new. I got great comfort and joy all by myself looking at pattern books, sifting thru piles of neatly folded fabrics, stroking velvet & velveteen! All this
    to say I now, after fourty yrs of being this way have unusual skills of
    discernment and know my own mind abt what pleases me abt combo
    colors, textures, composition, perspective & line. It is a source of
    pleasure & addiction that takes presidence over human relationships.
    One thing I did get out of this life lived almost w/out human
    companionship is contact w a higher power.

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