There were a higher % of slender women in the 1800s

so, even if the population is higher now, it just means that we have greater numbers of unhealthy, overweight women. Larger populations don’t always guarantee that you find a perfect mate when the culture supports unhealthy lifestyles.

They didn’t cater to the disabled or mentally handicapped in the old days, which left those unfortunate people with slimmer chances of survival. It amazes me that we can take better care of retards, but we can’t seem to stop the obesity epidemic.

Pornography may not have been widely available in the 1800s like it is now. They didn’t have access to videos on the Internet. But what they did have were a higher percentage of attractive women to come into contact with. In modern America, the numbers of fit attractive women is much lower, so porn can be the best vice to serve as a supplement with.

Thanks to porn, America can absorb a higher percentage of overweight people, because those unhealthy people can remain untouched, while porn serves as a better substitute. I have come across many nice ladies who seem to have good personalities, but their weight spiraled out of control. These overweight women have damaged eggs and risk having children with 


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