Every bus stop should have a pull up bar, by law

you see all these crazy videos of people fighting and letting off steam on the buses. That is because they have to lounge around so much and build of stress. One of the best ways to reduce the stress before they enter the bus is by having something for them to hang on, and encouraging that they hang on it. They don’t necessarily need to do pull-ups. Just a good stretch works fine enough.

I still live in shock that the exercise fitness courses from the 1970s have been replaced by frisbee. That is a huge step in the wrong direction for improving people’s health. Encouraging more flat ground walking only leads to hip pains sooner. People need to practice more variety in their movements besides just walking a lot on flat ground.

That is why I think that sports fitness give us less than optimum ideals for good health. Kids train a lot to be like their idols on the sports grounds. But that involves a lot of flat ground training. There is very little variety in the terrain for all sports. The pitchers mound is the only minimal challenge for terrain variety. The flat ground leads to more problems than it’s worth, but I digress.

Having healthy bodies leads to less confrontations. People will feel more confident and better about themselves if they can get a little mini exercise in at the bus stop while waiting for the bus. It can change their circulation as well as their attitudes.

When Arnold Schwartzenneger removed weights from prisons, that didn’t mean he wanted to end fitness. Bye still left the pull up bars, because he still understood the value of good strength to weight ratios. We need to be able to carry ourselves better than we do in this modern America. Health costs are rising.

I came across the bus depot here about 5 minutes into video and one of the signs mentions how many laps is a mile around the bus station. They want to encourage health, but they don’t know what they are doing, in my opinion:



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