One great way to invigorate your energy on a long walk in the woods -tree hugging :)

I like to spend as much time as I can around trees. They are more peaceful than a lot of other places. One thing I didn’t realize was how useful they can be for keeping fit, and it doesn’t involve chopping them down and cutting them up. They can still be enjoyed while they are alive.

I used to look for trees that mostly had nice branches for hanging my suspension trainer on. But now, I look at trees a little differently. Here is a demonstration of what I mean:


3 thoughts on “One great way to invigorate your energy on a long walk in the woods -tree hugging :)

  1. Nice! You lost a lot of weight I think. I can see it in your face. Looking good! The excercise actually looks like fun. I suffer fr sore muscles and lower back pain. Sometimes I take my shoes or sandles off and squeeze my toes real hard then massage the entire foot. Also there are poles in the bus stops holding up a structure to keep off rain. I push against them while leaning into them and stretch. Then I place my feet on the base, straighten up my back & stiffen my arms, lock my hands around the pole and lean out.

    • If you want to get a deeper lean from the bar, you could use a short strap to hold onto.

      My weight fluctuates with my access to food. Also, I’m not taking much of the sugar added foods from the food banks as much. I turn down a lot of free food because I don’t like to carry the extra fat around from eating it. For example, I stopped accepting the delicious almond butter. They add sugar to it and it’s very addicting to eat. I wish the Oregon Food Bank would stop adding sugar to their food. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it should be used.

      It’s like when my dad offered me his deoderant and told me that it was giving him rashes. I couldn’t accept the deoderant and take the chance of getting a rash myself. I know what rashes are like and avoid them when I can.

    • Let me also add that I think my shoulders got a little bigger from my Loopy Trainer device. I think bigger shoulders can make the face look smaller too.

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