I am the biggest loser in life and weight loss

i fail at life, and I have lost weight. I am neither proud or feel shameful of either achievements. I don’t know what to think about these ideals. It just seems like something that the culture of American society has defined for me. I would rather reject the American idealism of lifestyle and create my own. But it’s hard to do.

I like to travel and not eat foods loaded with sugar extracts. To do these two things cheaply takes a lot of work and discipline. I have parked my overnight in places that cops love to patrol and I have shopped at places where even the fruit has sugar extracts sprinkled on them. My life is such a tragedy because I have to work against so much American culture.

It’s not like Americans have faced tough regulations as I do. It has gotten scary here. The legal system may allow freedom of speech, but freedom of action is heavily criminalized. I can talk all day long about how this sugar addiction needs to be stopped by removing added sugars from foods. But I went down to the factory and halted that drug from being added, I would be arrested and charged. The culture is against me, and the addicts remain in power.

So, I live as a loser who can sit in my temporary spots and pout. I have to keep moving though, or they will arrest me. I once heard an old lady say that we need to keep moving or they will bury you. But she was talking about the perspective of an elderly person. What about the young people? They have to keep moving along or face a life behind bars. 

I have been able to keep my weight from spiraling out of control for a long time by the simple policy of not giving in to sugar extract addictions. I lost some gained weight in my 20s and became a loser. Why are some losses deemed shameful and others not so much? Why should I have to gain weight to become a loser?

I would rather just stay my ideal weight throughout my whole life. I’m not too keen on becoming a loser. Usually, the loser has damaged their health and suffer long term consequences from their condition, such as stretched skin and fatty organs.


2 thoughts on “I am the biggest loser in life and weight loss

  1. I think you have escaped many traps. The one you face now is familiar to me. The alkies in AA calls it ‘stinking thinking’. I recon 98% of ppl in US are addicts of one sort or another. I think it’s best to do an eval of all my behaviors & patterns that are anti survival. To do this I have become the ‘observer’. I think I see you are well on the way to living your life w disciine. I have looked, seen and felt that you are a good person.

    • My thinking does stink. Have you seen my Instagram pictures?” Check out the recent ones /acumagnet. “It is better to build a new child than fix a broken adult”

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