How Can BetterBack be such a Success on Kickstarter while my Picnic Table Fitness Strap goes unnoticed?

It’s all about effective marketing. I could probably get that $1 million pledge myself if I was able to manage a Kickstarter promotion from beginning to end. Just look at their simple little design that anyone can sew for themselves using straps from

All I would need is a catchy song, production crew, good promoter, sales pitch, social media, projected sales outlook, manufacturing capabilities (probably in China) delivery system, price point, ….and on and. I haven’t done anything but make a cheap video and threw it up on Youtube. No wonder I’m homeless

Also, what I suggest is actual exercise for the back in almost any park, while BetterBack tries to make life easier for the lazier people who want different ways to lounge around.

Here is the BetterBack video on Youtube:

Here is what I propose for Picnic Table Fitness:

I like to think that what I’m presenting is pretty clear. All you do is use a strap around a picnic table and you can perform lots of great exercises with it. All BetterBack does is propose using a strap to sit in one position all the time. I don’t think it’s very ideal to sit in that position all the time. You still place a lot of pressure on your butt and cause it to lose blood flow easier. You need to change your posture very frequently, preferably away from any sitting position.

Maybe I could try to team up with Betterback with a cross-promotional thing. They can’t possibly live off their one little product for very long, can they? But, I’m sure there are other people with ideas similar to mine who are trying to contact BetterBack too. Oh well….


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