Exercise Classes Force Motivation that doesn’t Naturally Exist

It would be interesting to learn what goes through peoples minds when they attend exercise classes. Their focus clearly isn’t that they are getting anything done, because they are not. They show up to be told to gyrate around a lot with little to no purpose. They don’t even simulate regular chore work. It’s a bunch of movements that are very different to experience from our daily lives.

How do they feel about what they did afterward? Does it feel futile that nothing was accomplished and that they have to repeat similar actions again the next at the same place. Exercise classes must either require someone to be crazy to repeatedly attend or it drives them crazy.

I believe the first week at a new place would be interesting, but then we rapidly lose that motivation quickly and our performance is going to suffer as a result. To keep motivation up, you would need to constantly change the environment along with changing up the activities. The same movements and environment probably work against us over time.

Factories led alot of people to a drinking and drug problem. The US sufered that fate towards the end of our industrialization period, while the Chinese are enjoying the new factories. But the motivation becomes less for the same repetitions in movement over time.

I have tried to keep myself motivated going to the same place to exercise for years. My motivation lessens over time. I get tired of seeing the same things and same people rather quickly. I desire to see more variety for keeping up my spirits for exercising, otherwise I show up to the gym feeling depressed and not doing much effectively work.

Although, on the other hand, it can be hard to adapt to new environments well. Sometimes, in new places, I can’t even find a decent area to exercise and fall short. But, with that problem, I can just pick up and leave the area to explore another possibility.

It must get really boring when there is nothing of interest in a particular to gawk at either. The flat plains of the midwest is very boring to experience and may not inspire much exercise. But the hilly and mountainous terrain of the northwest can inspire a little more exercise. It can feel really good exercising at the top of a mountain and looking down below. Or even having a fitness area next to the ocean can be nice. Maybe a person is able to stay motivated for life at a longer stretch of time in more desirable areas -like near a waterfall.

Can other animals, besides humans, inspire more motivation to exercise? I find that racing four legged animals in a make shift race to be invigorating. As long as you have good harmony with the animals it can be fun. Or, on the other hand, if you are hunting the animal, there is a certain motivation present that makes you forget your fatigue. It’s called bloodlust, and is one of the best motivators to exercise. many emotions are involved with that exercise.

There is no sense of bloodlust in aerobic exercise classes, and for that they fail to help many people. They seem more designed for people who are already in bad shape and are scared of getting in worse shape.


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