City Worker Doesn’t agree that he is taking advantage of the government like homeless people do.

i was approached by a Parks and Recreation employee in Salem because he’s been seeing my car parked in the same spot for more than a couple days in a row. He wanted to make sure that I was following the curfew laws. He says that there are those homeless people camping in the park and it’s very inconvenient for the city.

After reading “it’s the economy, stupid” by James Carville, I thought I would bring up the interesting point in the book about taking advantage of the government. The author said in his experience that he was using the government to make a living. But those people who lounged around the park also took advantage of the park by just enjoying its surroundings. Both groups of people are enjoying government benefits on different levels.

The city employee I talked to denied that either of us are taking advantage of the government and then went on to say that he works hard for his money. But I have to ask, which I didn’t think of, what he would be doing if he didn’t get paid by the city? Where would I hang out if there were no parks? Maybe we are just taking for granted that government has always been there to coddle us into comfort. But it hasn’t always been that way in the US.


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