Staycations are the worst idea for a Vacation ever invented

to limit yourself to home dwelling while on a vacation will keep you depressed. It’s hard on people with very little money to enjoy staying in the same place to save money and not do any exploring. Some people try to choose the cheaper options of buying more electronics or drugs. But they soon find out that these cheap addictive vices are never going to supplement to benefits of traveling.

Marketers and salespeople want people to stick to their homes and develop an identity to their living conditions. They want people comfortable in their surroundings and trying to keep up with their neighbors. The people who are sold on the imagery of competing against their neighbors for having the nicest looking yard are most likely to blow their money on things they don’t need.

It’s an addictive personality to stick to your home dwelling. But then, I have to ask if I’m addicted to traveling? I’m not sure. But I tend to see poor people who are hard on themselves by limiting their habits to home dwelling and drugs while the rich people get to go on extravagant vacations and have different countries serve them. It doesn’t seem right to me that rich people should only be allowed to enjoy the luxuries of traveling and avoiding depression.


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