What demands are overwhelming as a farmer of Chickens and Bees?

I saw this little yard in the city of Silverton, Oregon where they decided to integrate a little farming on the playground:

I read about how certain farming disciplines work well with each other, while others do not. For example, it’s hard to be a vegetable farmer and chicken breeder because the chickens can get into your garden and scratch things up. You want to limit your techniques the disciplines that can support each other.

Chickens are willing to eat dead bees. So some cleanup can be taken care of there.

I heard about some hunters who raised hunting dogs and chickens together. This didn’t go well because the dogs broke into the chicken coop and killed all 25 chickens within minutes. This shows how trying to perform 2 different trades can hurt each other and make everything more difficult.

So, chickens tear up gardens and dogs tear up chickens. But chickens are friendly with bees. But, on the other hand, bees work well with gardens. Alot of it depends on how much space you can give between the trades. But, most people don’t have the convenience on their own properties of much space. So, you need to work smartly within your own confines effectively enough so that there is good harmony.

I’m not sure if making a playground is a good idea around chickens and bees, but maybe not many kids use the playground for all I know.


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