Smoking is not allowed in free housing? How about banning sugar instead?

These foolish regulators can stare right at a poor persons fat stomach and say that no smoking is allowed. Do the administrators really understand the gravity of the situation. Or do they think that following their noses is the best policy?

I say that you should use the senses of your eyes more so. Using our noses as a measure of policy may seem to be less discriminating, it’s still only one of  5 natural senses that we have. Trying to remove the smoke smell around living areas only appeals to one of the 5 senses.

I bet a lot of people use the smoke to help up the moldy homes they live in. I think I would rather smell a smoky home rather than a moldy one, if I was ever given the option. It’s just easier for the policy regulators to ignore the mold issues and follow the smoke trails instead.

But really, sugar extracts have been far more deadly and dangerous for people. If you couple the sugar extracts with fermented sugars on top of that, you will see a glaring health outlier sticking out on graphs. Alcohol and sugar have been the epidemic on humans and it actually shows up clearly hanging off of our human bodies.

Doctors and professionals would rather cut people open and show the damaging effects to a smokers lungs, or the inflated and diseased livers from alcoholics. But people don’t exactly need to be cut open to show the results of their sickness from sugar addiction. it’s clear as day on their massive bodies.

Free housing needs to regulate the sugar of people and require a certain body mass to live in their dwellings. The obese are the most sedentary people that drain resources. I think the obese are more sedentary than the smokers. Yet, housing wants to put a stop to the smoking, or at least push the smokers off the property.

There is a sensitivity issue that prevents regulators from controlling obesity and it’s sad. The food manufacturers are sensitive to regulators as well as the sugar addicts. They don’t want to stop extracting sugar and concentrating it into foods. Nobody can stop it and it’s an industry that is spiraling out of control with excessive production and consumption. This is the very industry that Warren Buffet invested in during the 1980s. His money along with government help caused a massive epidemic.

Yet, the politicians decided to attack the smoking industry and smoking addicts. I have to think that the sugar lobbyists are just more likeable than the tobacco lobbyists. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense on how the government chooses it’s priorities.


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