Heart Infections Seem to affect my Emotional Stability; emotional reactions to infections

I believe that I experienced about 3 heart infections from November to April. They make me feel a lot of regret for my life. During the times of the infections, I wish I had more people to feel love for. It seems that my heart suddenly becomes weak. My pulse seems weak too. But the tension and heartbeat are elevated.

I’m at a loss for energy and become afraid to strain myself doing anything. I find myself wishing that I had a comfortable routine where people were depending on me for something. All these take over my thoughts, where they normally do not while I feel healthy. It really shows how much influence the heart has over my thoughts.

When my heart is healthy, I feel free to whatever I like and not worry about other people’s opinions. I don’t fear living homeless when i feel healthy. I enjoy the freedoms and love to explore my surroundings. Depending on my liver strength, I can feel happy or angry.

You know what is strange is that I think I have a tendency to feel very angry leading up to my heart condition. The tension or infection may start in my liver, which causes anger and then moves to my heart after the liver rejects the infection. This is all just speculation based on my emotional reaction to infections.

Ultimately, western medicine theories of infection and how to sterilize foods and objects come into important lifestyle changes. I am not a clean man. I haven’t showered in over a year because I am not willing to pay for a shower. I just don’t have the money to afford a shower, let alone food. I fear that cutting into my emergency fund to take a shower makes no sense right now. I need a bigger emergency fund for showers to become more viable.

I need to make sure that all the food I consume or anything i put in my mouth is absolutely clean. There is no herbal therapy, Acupuncture, or magnet therapy that stops infection. Cleanliness is very important and must come first before the alternative therapies.

Imagine how the mental instabilities in homeless people could be prevented by simple hygiene. All of the Food Banks offer cleaning items and soap. But where am I supposed to use this soap? I have no way to effectively use the soap.

I remember back in Rice Lake, WI when one of the librarians left a bar of soap next to my car. She clearly communicated that she didn’t understand my situation. My problem isn’t so much that I can’t use soap. The soap requires effective bathing facilities to be effectively used. There are no bathing areas to use for free.

Every city I’ve been to fails to have anything for homeless to practice good hygiene. Yes, they have sinks in many parks, but the sinks are designed for hands only, that really is about the only body that I can clean. Soap is usually already provided for hand cleaning, so the bars of soaps from Food Banks are ineffective, probably the wrong focus.

Many cities used to have some kind of showering facilities, but they closed them up. I’ve seen shower heads with bolts covering them and signs that say no showering allowed. Cities don’t want the homeless populations to shower themselves. So the homeless remain dirty and vulnerable to heart infections, which cause emotional instability.


5 thoughts on “Heart Infections Seem to affect my Emotional Stability; emotional reactions to infections

  1. I remember a time when I was in my early twenties rite bf I dropped out of college and was considering my future as a homeless person I heard my heart speak in an audible voice. It sounded like a tiny child saying ‘help me! Help me!

  2. You are that fucking dumb aren’t you. Ever heard of wearing shorts in the water?????? People go swimming all the fucking time wearing shorts. Not once have I heard of someone getting cited for indecent exposure! WOW, can you say dumbass?

    Thank You

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