Was it Science that Proved Black People were actually Human?

It amazes me that the black people were even singled out as the best kind of slave to have in the first place. There were many other dark races for the Europeans to choose from. They never talked about going to India to find slaves, it was for the spice trade instead. Europeans may not have been actually looking directly for slaves at first, it could have dawned on them when they arrived on the scene.

Decisions are usually made with the most clarity when you are in the moment at a particular location. There could be rumors from other people about a certain class of species that influences our opinions a little bit. But we don’t become more sure of our ideas until we arrive at the location and witness the people for ourselves. The blacks may have conducted themselves in a manner that put stronger thoughts in Europeans minds to enslave them.

Religion had more influence on our decisions in the 1800s. It’s possible that the black slaves were religiously motivated to become slaves. The slave owners were able to control the African American with ideas that probably were misleading. Science was probably avoided as much as possible.

It wasn’t until the cross breeds emerged that white people realized that Africans were closer to being humans than monkeys. I wonder if they tried to breed monkeys with humans to be sure of everything. They tried a lot of weird things in the past. Either way, scholars should have written about how Africans were indeed humans. They may have left out the politics at the time to avoid risk of sounding too biased.

So, when it become clear that black people were human, it must have then started a lot of debate about how they needed to be afforded human rights too. You couldn’t treat the black person like a horse or cow exactly. Although, many people accuse black people of having had tails.  It took important people, like Darwin, to help people realize that the human race shared many similarities in spite of the perceived differences.

Science has certainly cleared up a lot of misconceptions that drove people’s lifestyles. It has changed how humans perceive and eventually interact with each other. Many of us know that our psychologies are different from dogs or cats. You can’t keep a human pet to do your bidding and just feed them scraps for very long. Humans can plot and scheme their way to a lifestyle they most desire. No other animal has the capability to scheme like a human.

I have to wonder what a slave owner was thinking when they noticed how a horse reaced to whipping in comparison to a black slave. Or, what if they seriously tried to enslave monkeys too, thinking they could work alongside black people as well. With similarities comes correlations that could be misleading. 

The dissections of human bodies and monkey bodies surely taught the scientists important things about how our bodies survived in nature. Learning about the functions of our organs and their various sizes may not make for great discussions, but it helped pave the way for science to show the similarities amongst humans. I believe some blacks and whites share the same blood type, for example. But I don’t believe the blood type was a factor during slavery.

We know so much about science these days, which is much more than they knew during slavery. Some genetic arguments people make and try to attribute to the times of slavery was nonexistent back then. Did the scientists really know about DNA? It was hard for mulattos to prove that they were a product of white and black interbreeding. The science was observational and required influential and affluent people to teach everybody else about humanistic similarities. Their arguments may have been very limited on science and more critical analysis.


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