Consuming Coffee Concerns my Colon

in Chinese Medicine, black foods may feed the kidneys, but they can be hell on the lungs and colon. I will want to focus on eating more potatoes and onions somehow. For a while I was eating a lot of onions, and I think that was part of the reason I felt like I was having heart trouble. My lungs and colon were probably strengthening as my kidneys weakened.

Now I’m taking an opposite approach by giving in to the temptations of coffee and neglecting onions or potatoes. I will need to balance that out or face a different disease, one that I may not recognize right away as I’m not a big coffee drinker. It will pull on my heart in a different way if left unchecked.

But I think I can try to add coffee to my potatoes and see how that tastes. The dried potatoes aren’t very good and I usually use fresh milk to eat them. But I’ve turned away away from fresh milk in favor of dried milk, which doesn’t taste as good with dried potatoes. Maybe coffee can improve the taste? I have added coffee granules into oat cereal and enjoyed that taste. But adding potatoes in with oats is not so good tasting. That is why they are different foods.

Something buttery tastes good with potatoes. But, butter makes my heart feel strange. I want to maintain a low fat diet to help my heart, and also because food preserves much better in my car if it doesn’t have a lot of fat. Although sunflower seeds seem to hold up well, and they should be high in fats.

Black needs to be balanced with white, just as other food colors need to be effectively balanced as well. I’m not sure how to balance the other food colors. Perhaps this is something ey teach in Chinese Medicine. It’s largely an art like an artist paints a portrait. Some portraits look better than others. That’s why the Mona Lisa hangs up at the Louvre and not some child’s finger painting.


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