What better way to protect your stuff than sleep next to it

everything I own, I can fit into my Ford Focus. I am able to keep close protection over my few belongings by sleeping with my stuff. It doesn’t make much sense to me to live in a homeless shelter and not sleep near my stuff. To sleep separated from my belongings, I face a much higher risk of my stuff to be stolen. 

I don’t understand why Seaside, Oregon says it’s illegal to sleep outside of a home or hotel room. Don’t they have a sense of security for people. Some people feel more at ease keeping a close tab on their stuff by spending more time around it. I cherish what I own. Although, I can part with it as well. But I will work to preserve what I have to the best of my abilities.

Security is very important to pay attention to. At night, the cops and criminals are at their worst. If a criminal doesn’t come by to snoop around my car, a cop certainly will. Although, I tend to have more interactions with cops than I do criminals. At least the cop isn’t as much of a threat to take my stuff.

To have fewer things means I have less responsibilities too. I don’t have to protect as much stuff as the average person. This allows me to live a more relaxed lifestyle. I’m not guarding diamonds or anything, just basic necessities. If I really was robbed, the criminal would probably be disappointed in their findings.

I want my car to look attractive to not draw too much scorn. But, I also want it to look unattractive as well, to dissuade criminals. It’s a delicate balance to strike. The outside body is in good shape still, no accidents. But the inside looks like a garbage dump. My driving is constantly at risk from garbage piling over unto the shifter. I have had some close calls from garbage falling down in the passenger seat.

I situate things in my car in a way that I feel I use them. I like to keep books and food in the passenger seat. I like to reach for a book to read often. Also, I like to snack. I want to control my snacking to lower sugar and salted items, so how I position things in my car has some influence with how I eat. I can’t alway find what I want to eat, because things get buried often enough.


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