Fat Runners Do More Damage than Good to their Bodies

i saw a larger lady run by me today, like she was jogging. I couldn’t help but think of all that weight and jiggle that she had to endure. It really looked reckless that she would engage in such a strenuous activity with her condition. I get the feeling she is not long from an injury that will put a complete stop to her ambitions.

Running is more for a lean body. Leaner bodies are tighter, like wires and can handle the jarring effects of bounding over long distances. You don’t see the military accepting fat people because they are not able to run effectively enough. The fat people are a liability in the military. They are also a liability in society as well, but then that would be discrimination to say something like that.

Fat people should use a sensible guideline for knowing when to run and knowing when to walk. If you have over 20% body fat, then do not run. If you are under 20% body fat which may be a generous figure, I’m not sure, then you can run. People who are overweight need to walk, if they can do that. I see many of the fatties waddling and using a cane. They are a very long ways away from running, if they ever have the health to carry out effective weight loss.

The stress you put on your joints, as a fat person, is enormous. Couple that with running on hard surfaces as well. Also, your fat will most likely cause you to run ackwardly anyway, which places an unnatural control over your ideal gait. In the end, the running interest turns into just another fad for the fat person.

The mentality fat, are physically out of touch with their bodies and operate under different body mechanics unlike slender people. Their livers are congested and they can become prone to bad mood swings. They can get sensitive about you telling them that running is a bad idea if you catch them doing it. I think it’s better to insult them now, rather than them get the injury to use as an excuse for later. Even though I say that society needs to break down before it can get better, prevention is still something that can help buy time, at least.

If the fat people want to vigorously move at a fast pace, there is always swimming. They can feel some resistance in their movements with water. Plus they get the added bonus of floating easier and not injuring themselves in the water. If you see a fat person trying to run, help point them in the direction of the nearest body of water to swim at. 

Ultimately, what the fat person needs to change first is reducing their sugar addictions. No one has ever been able to compensate for eating a frosted cake by running on a treadmill. Their just aren’t the vitamins available to prevent your fat cells from swelling up and getting inflamed. Imagine eat sugar that inflame tissues, then trying to run, which further inflames tissues. The fat people enter into a world of immense pain at that point. No wonder so many of them turn to pain killers.


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